Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Project Update

So, MegaDungeon Monthly is in full swing, and things are coming together for Issue 1 as I speak. I don't have an ETA on it yet, I'm going to wait until we not only have all the articles for it done, but also several more in order to be prepared for a monthly release schedule.

Here, however, is the proposed ToC of the first issue:
Player's Section:
Classes in Valador: Looking at the Labyrinth Lord classes and how they fit into the world of Valador (Finished)
Languages of Valador: Giving a brief overview of the potential starter languages the PCs have (2/3 Finished)
Faiths of Valador, The Church of Law: Name subject to change, being written by my good friend Sean
Valador, The Telstara Region: A brief overview (and wilderness map) of the area surrounding the megadungeon

DM's Section:
Campaign Background: What happened in the past to make the dungeon what it is in the present
Campaign Overview: A synopsis of the levels and what's to expect.

As you can see, Issue 1 is sorta a preview issue, getting people ready to play without providing the actual dungeon to play in. Issue 2 would see the first level of the dungeon as well as several more player focused articles to help bring Valador to life.

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