Friday, March 4, 2011

An Odd Quiet...

We're at this point in which all the old material is going through edits and no new material is being written. As a blog dedicated to the creation process of this publication, there is just not that much fun stuff to talk about. Still, some updates are in order.

Had my first art consultation, as it was, wherein a friend of mine read over a few of the demi-human articles and has begun sketching some drawings. Hopefully they'll be ready to go around layout time. Meanwhile, the articles are going through their first round of edits, big shout out to Chester for fixing all my mistakes. I tend to write fast when inspiration strikes and grammar and spelling don't always agree with first writing.

Meanwhile, I opened up the entire dungeon to my "writing staff" (i.e. group of players) to help throw some ideas out there, as this has turned more into something being made by a group then something being run by me. Once I gave them the basic premise of the whole megadungeon, they were certainly inspired and some great ideas immediately began to show up. Once we get each level codified I'll be able to write up the Dungeon Overview section and get that ready to publish on the DM side of things.

Things are coming together, and I like it! Also, quick shout out to all my fellow DM's, ST's, Ref's, GM's and whathaveyou's! Today is GM's Day, a day to celebrate those tireless bastards that keep games running and our imagination's filled with colorful tales of fancy. I mostly run games, but have been honored enough to be a player in some very entertaining games. I want to give a big thank you to everyone who's been brave enough to step behind the screen and nice enough to invite me to take a seat at their table.

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