Sunday, March 20, 2011

Issue 2

 Yes, it's been quiet here, a combination of a bad sinus infection on my end and the fact that we're between writing and publication on the first issue's end meant that there wasn't much to put down here on the blog.

But, finally I've got something to update on; Issue 2!

Now, why am I talking Issue 2 when the first issue isn't finished? Well, if the publication is to stay monthly, we'll need to have articles written in advance so we can begin edits and layouts in a much more time restricted manner then the first issue. If there are (roughly) only 30 days between each release, we can't take our time with the writing/art/edits/etc. So, while most articles on Issue 1 are tackled and are now just being edited, laid out, and drawn for, it's time to get writing on Issue 2.

Below is a work-in-progress table of contents for Issue 2:

Player's Section

God of Neutrality - Like the previous God of Law article, it discusses the Valadian's main church for this god.
Mini-Gazetteer: Ashencor - Detailing the hub town for the Mega-Dungeon
Organizations: The Ashen Blades of Kelias - The first article about one of the famed Fighter's Schools in Valador.
X - Still one article slot open to be used.

DM's Section
Mega-Dungeon Level 1: X - The first level of the Mega-Dungeon, name left out to avoid spoilers
Secret Societies: X - Detailing the background of a DM's-knowledge-only group.

Both sections may be one more article each, depending on length of the previous ones. As a monthly, I obviously don't want to try to put out 128 page supplements especially with a small writing staff working during their free time, but I don't want to due little 16 page things either.

Well, enough about the future, back to some layouts!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Dungeon Grows

Opening up the MegaDungeon itself up to a committee was one of the greatest things I've done in relation to this project. Once my gaming group got a hold of the initial idea and concept that ties the whole thing together they took it to places I probably never would have thought of myself.
Before I knew it, we had the initial ideas of each level planned out and already some of the more fantastical levels are getting brainstormed like crazy. With that done, I can now focus on the two DM articles for issue 1, the Dungeon Overview and Backtstory. The backstory I already knew, though with the added levels and what's in them, I can update the timeline to reflect things that occur there. The overview will be much easier now that we actually know what's in every level.

A little more writing and then that's all she wrote for Issue 1, things are coming together and I like it.

Friday, March 4, 2011

An Odd Quiet...

We're at this point in which all the old material is going through edits and no new material is being written. As a blog dedicated to the creation process of this publication, there is just not that much fun stuff to talk about. Still, some updates are in order.

Had my first art consultation, as it was, wherein a friend of mine read over a few of the demi-human articles and has begun sketching some drawings. Hopefully they'll be ready to go around layout time. Meanwhile, the articles are going through their first round of edits, big shout out to Chester for fixing all my mistakes. I tend to write fast when inspiration strikes and grammar and spelling don't always agree with first writing.

Meanwhile, I opened up the entire dungeon to my "writing staff" (i.e. group of players) to help throw some ideas out there, as this has turned more into something being made by a group then something being run by me. Once I gave them the basic premise of the whole megadungeon, they were certainly inspired and some great ideas immediately began to show up. Once we get each level codified I'll be able to write up the Dungeon Overview section and get that ready to publish on the DM side of things.

Things are coming together, and I like it! Also, quick shout out to all my fellow DM's, ST's, Ref's, GM's and whathaveyou's! Today is GM's Day, a day to celebrate those tireless bastards that keep games running and our imagination's filled with colorful tales of fancy. I mostly run games, but have been honored enough to be a player in some very entertaining games. I want to give a big thank you to everyone who's been brave enough to step behind the screen and nice enough to invite me to take a seat at their table.