Monday, December 6, 2010

World Building 1.4 and 2: Delvers and The World!

The Delver has (finally) joined the rest of the human classes as having full rules written out for him, there is one small tweak in his rule set, we'll see if anyone notices.

More importantly, the Wilderness Area in which the megadungeon is set has been made and posted by yours truly. Not only will you finally see where Ashencor and Telstara are, but also a few other places named as well. These places may never be visited, or the PCs may want to take a trip to one or more of them, at which point they'll be further developed, for now, they're just tantalizing points on a map. Most importantly though, the world itself (or atleast the region occupied mostly by humans) has gotten a name, the lands of Valador! Many thanks to Sean for being the only one to suggest something and winning by default, couldn't do it without you!


  1. I guess when you're dealing with AC that crappy nobody's going to miss one point that much. Besides, it's not like they have terrible Dex or anything.

    Also I stand by saying that I am terrible at coming up with names. I understand it's primarily a function of finding cool sources to mutilate, but I'm a clueless newbie and take a pass on that. Hey, I hear that plenty of experienced gamers have problems making up names.

  2. @xwd: Close, it's always been stated that a "thief" only wears leather, just many people take that as either leather/studded leather, I'm going more direct on the ruling is all, that's not the change, nope!