Monday, February 7, 2011


Fighters are the masters of armed combat, trained in the use of nearly every type of weapon and armor produced by humans. Pushed to the limits physically, drilled in a variety of tactics, and taught the quickest way to kill, these are highly specialized warriors and no mere city guard or militia.

Fighters are taught in a variety of private run guilds as well as local sponsored war colleges, each very exclusive clubs that only the most skilled, hardened, and most importantly wealthy are admitted. Trained for years about the intricacies of a large variety of weapons and armor as well as put through a variety of physical tests and strengthening exercises. Many drop out before training is over, those that graduated are strong of mind, body, and spirit. Fighters take great pride in the guilds and war colleges they come from and often incorporate the colors and symbols of their guild or college into their arms and armor to show which school bred such a fine warrior.

Fighters are often welcome in towns and treated like celebrities. Where as those who cast magic are either seen with holy reverence or fear and delvers are often seen as nothing better then desecraters and tomb robbers, fighters are often heralded and treated as heroes, especially if they offer protection to the town. This worship combine with a fighter’s physical abilities sometimes creates a sense of superiority in a fighter and they treat many commoners as lesser beings barely worth notice. Fighters who let this ego get out of control may become a terror in their own right and the town they once welcomed them soon fear the monster they helped create.

Why They Adventure: Fighters most often adventure for riches, fame, honor, or most likely a combination of all three. Few can afford their training outright and take up adventuring to help pay off their loans while bringing glory to their guild’s name by performing heroic deeds. A fighter is much too well trained to be a simple city watchman or would grow too bored being a caravan guard. Their abilities can only be properly tested in the face of danger that adventuring brings.

Role-Playing Tips: Fighters never forget they are the best trained in the area of martial combat nor do they forget that they are physical specimens far beyond others, including other adventurers. Fighters are often worshiped as larger-then-life heroes by common folk and most fighters will take the adoration to their heads and act larger-then-life, especially when trying to impress nonadventures. Weapon training and combat tactics were drilled into a fighter’s head for years and few see a reason to try to settle anything without use of such things. Fighters often have little other hobbies or topics of conversation as well, which can sometimes grate on other more rounded adventuring types. Fighters from different guilds or colleges can’t help but compete with one another, usually on a friendly level, but competition can heat up quickly among those that know little outside of combat.

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