Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Humans are the dominant species of the realm, their vast Valadian Empire stretches far and wide throughout the land, laying claim to all that they can see. Humans are creatures of quick wits, strong minds, and deep emotions. Unlike the distant elves or stoic dwarves, humans are not afraid to allow their emotions to guide them, using them to endure and persevere where the otherwise frail and short lived race would surely perish. Because of this, they have quickly dominated the lands around them, continuing to expand their borders while the other races dwindle into nothingness.

Physical Description: Humans of the Valadian Empire are primarily olive skinned, with dark hair and dark eyes. They average around 5’5" for males and 5’2" for females, weighing an average of 155 lbs. and 115 lbs. for males and females respectively. Due to the vast reach of the Valadian Empire, there are many physical variations among humans, especially as one moves further north and south. The further north one travels, humans begin to lose color in their skin, hair, and eyes, with rare strains of pale skinned, blonde haired, blue eyed humans existing in further norther reaches of the empire. The further north one goes the taller and broader humans become as well, to help survive in the harsh frigid reaches. Skin color begins to darken as one travels do the sun baked southern lands, and humans are often much more leaner, though increased muscle means they do not always weigh less then the average citizen. Humans live an average of 70 years.

Why They Adventure: Humans are nothing if not curious creatures, a mentality that leads many on the path of adventure. The sense of discover, the rush of combat, and the fame brought on by protecting the weak is a lifestyle desired by young humans. However, the physical demands, inherent danger, and social stigma that comes with such a life means few ever become those heroes they fantasize about.

Role-Playing Tips: Humans are the easiest race to role play, as they are essentially the same as the players. Though they exist within a fantastical setting, the human condition changes little, and thus, playing a human is no different then putting one’s own mindset into the game.

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