Monday, November 22, 2010


What megadungeon would be complete without an introduction? Consider this the text on the front cover of the module and hopefully let it set the scene for an epic crawl:

The small village of Ashencor lies nestled in a valley between two hills, atop one sits an old crumbling monastery. Once a sacred sight to an ancient order of monks, the sight was abandoned after the monks mysteriously disappeared generations ago. Considered of low strategic value to the Valadian Empire, the place was left to fall into ruin and the village, comprised of descendants from the monk’s families, were left to live off the land. The monastery was considered cursed and none dared ventured within its halls, letting it sit upon the hill, silent, like a hawk perched high looking down on its prey.
Then, a week ago, lights were seen in the monastery at night and fear ran through Ashencor. None were brave enough to investigate though the town watch upped its patrols and the villagers barred their doors at night. Three days ago, the two awoke to screams and found two of the town watch slain as well as the graveyard by the temple desecrated, bodies stolen. Fearing for their lives, the baron of Ashencor dispatched a runner to the city of Telstara, three days to the south. There the young lad travels tavern to tavern, looking for brave adventurers willing to save the helpless village.

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