Friday, November 19, 2010


My current online gaming group is pretty awesome and as we approach a 1 year anniversary of us playing, I can say we've tried several different things.
We've started long running campaigns that imploded due to TPKs and shifting players. We've attempted to mix and match systems and rule sets. We've played games other then D&D (or LL as the case may be). We've played one shots, on-goings, limited series, and revolving cast games. But everytime, atleast on the LL front, we've always done it with a prewritten adventure.

Well, inspired by some reading of the various OSR blogs out there, I've decided to change that. I've decided to build and run my own Megadungeon. I've also decided I need to catalog the process somewhere, hence, this blog.

Now, since this will be seen by my players, this will be spoiler free, no secrets to what's going on. However, you can watch the creative process of Shared World Building and check out Play Sessions in the (hopefully) upcoming weeks. And of course, what campaign of mine would be complete without an Obsidian Portal page?

So welcome and enjoy your stay!

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  1. Here's to us not TPK'ing on the first level of the megadungeon and then never going there again because we kept TPK'ing before we could clear another dungeon.

    I look forward to dying horribly many times in this megadungeon.