Thursday, November 25, 2010

Question: Other House Rule Ideas

Besides the house rules we've already used before and enjoy using as well as two other proposed house rules/game play ideas (still waiting on thoughts from the players on those), I have two more proposed house rules and curious to player's thoughts:

If casting a spell, a character is allowed no other actions, including movement. Should characters be allowed to move and cast spells or does that give an advantage to an already potent ability?

Should we use variable weapon damage or stick with the "every weapon does 1d6 damage" original rule? If we choose the standard damage across the board, two-handed weapons would always strike last but if a hit is made, the player would roll 2d6 and keep the higher result.

I'm off to cook and eat way too much, but more things to think about as the game comes together.

1 comment:

  1. I'm fine with spell casters not being able to move. It makes the decision to cast a spell that much more important: do I want to try to do it right here, right now, or move to a safer place?

    The pro of variable weapon damage is that fighters get to kick more ass, which I am in favor of. The con of variable weapon damage is everyone picking a goddamn longsword. Honestly, I'm torn.