Sunday, November 28, 2010

World Building 1.3: Delvers and Magic-Users

The final two class descriptions, Delvers and Magic-Users, are finally up and read to be read. Yes, took a bit to finish, but there was some silly holiday that up and got in my way.

With that out of the way, I'll be putting together the rules, weaving in house rules throughout so that everyone has the same set of rulings on the Portal Page in case a dispute comes up. Also, the few house rule ideas I've put out here on the blog (found here and here) are starting to get feedback, once all the players weight in, or it looks like they won't one way or another, we'll see what makes the cut. Meanwhile, I'll fill in the few red world links that are scattered about, with just the small bits of information that is known about them so far.

On the actual MegaDungeon creation side, I'm pleased to say that the first level (in terms of character level's challenge, there are many ways up and down in this MegaDungeon and the simple "each level deep is a higher level of difficulty" doesn't fully apply) is fully mapped and stocked and the ideas of the theme, tie-ins, and basic layout of the next is under way. Also, I'm beginning to put together Ashencor, though the level of detail will be the subject of a forthcoming post, stay tuned!

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